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Do you feel anxious, worried, or believe that you do not connect well with others?
Would you like to learn tools and techniques to help you cross that bridge to make changes in your life, to experience a more fulfilled life, or to rid yourself of that feeling of disappointment or grief?  I would like to partner with you  to make the changes you desire.  Come in and let's work together.  
Reformation Counseling Clients
Whether you are looking for premarital / marriage counseling, peer relationships help, or help in assisting an elderly loved one, in transition,  I am available to listen to you and help you identify and move toward your goals.  I offer counseling, coaching and life direction coaching. I have a Faith based worldview of seeing each person as a uniquely created individual who has his/her own gifts, talents, and beliefs.  
Premarital and Relationships
As a licensed marriage and family therapist by training, and a member of Together in Texas, I offer a variety of packages for premarital counseling, including packages for Christian and non Christian couples.  
Most couples struggle with similar issues, such as in-laws, money, children, friends, intimacy, or communication styles. We will identify goals for you and your partner and identify the strengths in the relationship that help you solve current and  potential issues.  
Families:  Parenting, Teens, and Elder Care Adjustments
Modern families often  feel overwhelmed with the changes in life, such as an addition to the family, teenagers, care for an elderly parent,  job changes, or life adjustments.   There are skills and resources that you can use to make life smoother and to reconnect with the peace and joy you desire.  Let's work together to teach family members to respect boundaries and each other.

Individual Counseling Austin TX